How Do You Decide The Right Breast Size For You?
This is completely a personal choice. As a surgeon I am guided by certain aesthetic norms:
  1. Breast implants increase the patient’s Bra Cup size. So if you are a 34 B cup and would like to be a C cup, you would need a 34 C cup bra. The “34” number is a measurement of your chest below the breasts.
  2. You need to go up in size at least one cup size. If you do not go up at least, one cup size you will not notice a significant enlargement.
  3. Women’s clothing is generally cut for the B – C women. A common complaint is that clothing does not fit properly. Going from a A cup to a DD cup will result in clothing not fitting because you were too small and now too big.
  4. In my Opinion a Full B cup to a Small D Cup is happiness for most women. Clothing fits well. No patient with a C cup wants a smaller breast. In terms of body symmetry; the chest, waist and hips are generally balanced.
  5. The right implant size is determined by calculating how much volume it will take to increase your cup size from your present cup size to the size you want to be. So if you are a A cup and would like to be a C cup, that is a two cup increase. Generally speaking each cup increase requires approximately 200 cc (ml) of volume. Implants start at 100 cc and go up by 25 cc jumps all the way up to 800 cc.

How to Pick the Right Implant Size for You

The Bra & the Beans.
I have all of my patients buy the Bra of the cup size they want to become. If you are a 34 A cup and want to be a C cup, then you will need a 34 C cup bra. What I recommend is a Bra made of thin material with an under wire. You need a bra with thin stretchy material because you want to get an Idea of how big you will look without any padding. The stretchy material allows you to adjust the size. The under wire is needed to hold the beans in place.

The Beans: Implants displace volume. The volume is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) which is the same as milliliters (ml). So if you are a B cup and you want to become a C cup you will need a minimum of 200 cc implant. The problem is that every one is built differently, 200 cc for someone who is a small B cup will only make them a small C cup. I recommend using dried beans (pinto, white, black) in side of a nylon sock to represent the implant volume.
In order figure out how big an implant you will need, you will first put on your new bra and measure out how much volume it will take to fill the bra. A standard measure cup used for baking has milliliters (ml) marks. I recommend starting at 200 ml and then adding 50 ml until you reach the size that you want to be.

  1. breast implants are generally disc shaped, not round. So when you put the beans into the bra, try flattening them down. Do not tighten the nylon into a ball.
  2. Place the beans at the bottom of the bra and position your breast up. This will create a lot of upper pole fullness, like a push up bra. Implants naturally create upper pole fullness.
  3. Put the bra on, the beans in and a tight T shirt on and check out you figure in a full length mirror. Looking at the bra with beans hanging out is confusing. The T shirt makes you pay attention to your figure. You want to see your chest, waist and hips.
  4. You thought 250 cc was too small but 300 was too big do not worry the implant companies make an implant in between. I recommend going with the slightly larger implant (50 ml) is just enough to tell a difference but only a quarter of a cup size larger. Beside the beans look a little bigger than the implants.
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